Mommy and Me Monday – Photo Booth Fun

I’m sick again.
Feeling like crap.
Behind on posts, especially my Project Flawless12 posts.

Sometimes you just can’t catch a break.
I guess this is one of those times.

Last week, Baby and DH had a long weekend planned to PA to visit the in-laws. I was staying home with Jed. I had planned a fun four days with my little man, and of course the latest plague attacking my body put a stop to that. Our fun was a little more low key than originally planned, but lucky for me, Jed took it in stride.

We didn’t make it out to the park since the weather turned chilly, but we did make a trek to the office to pop in to a good-bye party for my dear friend and fellow Graco blogger, @GracoKelly. One of the highlights of the party was a super fun photo booth…complete with props!

Now, if someone could get Jed to actually look at the camera, we’d be golden.


Have you succeeded and gotten yourself out from behind the camera lately? Share and link up with Mommy and Me Monday over with Serious Krystyn.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious? Hosted by Krystyn


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