The Adventure Starts With A White Belt

Baby is experimenting with new hobbies. Since we have moved to Georgia, she has tried soccer, swimming, gymnastics and now is starting karate.

Baby had a great time in her first class, especially because she was able to leave with her first belt. She also learned, if she brought in a great report card (showing all threes), her instructor would award a special achievement patch for the sleeve of her uniform.

Baby walked into class this past Saturday and excitedly presented her instructor with her report card. And true to her word, at the end of class, Baby was called up front by the instructor to be presented with her achievement patch. She beamed with pride as we left the studio. Baby couldn’t wait to get home and show Jed and Daddy.

As parents, I feel DH and I do a good job supporting Baby’s desire to try new activities.  She has always continued an activity after the initial trial sessions, all but soccer that is.  That activity was a rough one, even with Dad as the coach.

After completing additional sessions, she usually requests to try something new and we oblige.  Our only rule is one activity at a time.  This allows plenty of time for school, play and family time, and of course rest.  Now, if only Mommy can stick to such an even work/life balance there will be harmony in the household.

Do you set limits for your children’s activities?


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  1. Ann at Mundane Magic
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 07:41:00

    I’m so excited for Baby. She looks genuinely happy in this photo and proud of herself. I like for mine to try different things also. I have made an exception for scouting which requires a more long term view. I normally say two activities at a time which means scouting and maybe a sport. Over the years this has changed from child to child. There are some activities I make an exception for like school chorus and after school clubs. If it is possible I let them stay for those after school because it really does not make much of an impact on my day or theirs…it’s so easy when it is at the same location. This is how we look right now:

    Jordan (14) – Drama, church youth group
    William (10) – Boy Scouts, About to start baseball again (Did football in the fall and skipped basketball this year), After school chorus and also dance club
    Grace (7) – Brownies, about to start softball

    Whole family – Helps shop, cook, and serve at the addiction recovery center once a month with our small group from church.

    Does Baby go to after school care some days?


    • KP
      Jan 31, 2012 @ 07:51:31

      Right now she doesn’t do anything assoc with school. I def think that may chg as she gets older. I was in a ton of stuff by jr high and it was great. Karate is up to 3 times a week so I think we’ll have our hands full for now. 🙂


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