Big Plans for New Year’s Eve?

For the last seven years DH and I have stayed home for NYE. Most years were out of necessity since both kiddos were born close to Fall/Winter holidays. Other years, we stayed home either due to inability to make a decision of where to go, or just out of sheer exhaustion over the craziness of the holidays with kids.

I miss celebrating New Years out among the crowds. I know it sounds funny for some to want to be among crowds, but I have such great memories celebrating NYE with friends before meeting my husband. There were years of destination celebrations and years of house parties, but they were all filled with a lot of booze fun. So to honor the occasion of going out again I decided to reminisce a little.

My top 5 NYE celebrations

1. House party in Brookhaven, PA – An incredibly fun night featuring repeated games of Chase Quarters. After minimal hours of sleep, a group of us headed out into the cold to go to the Mummer’s Parade. Needless to say, it was so cold that year, we ended up in a bar to keep warm.
Photo credit Scenes from Philadelphia blog

2. Mulligan’s – A local sports bar back in PA the year my younger brother turned 21. I didn’t have any major plans, so I decided to be the designated driver for my brother and his friend. My extrovert nature got the best of me after a while, and soon we were calling my Dad for a ride home. Don’t worry though, it was all good.  Dad said it was an option from the beginning. Makes me crack up every time. Thanks for keeping us safe, Dad!

3. Dewey Beach, DE – A friend’s dad had a summer-house and a group of us stayed overnight.  We had an amazing time going to one of the largest bars in Dewey, with multiple levels, multiple bands playing, and TONS of people!  I have to say, not much beats partying at the beach in the winter.

4. Ft Lauderdale, FL – My first NYE after turning 21. My family was celebrating the holidays in FL, and my sister had an old friend in Ft. Lauderdale. We went to an awesome night club and danced all night! I can still picture the outfit I wore…black leggings and boots, long tunic with a flouncy, little ruffle around the bottom. Holy crap…I just described the outfit I wore to a Christmas party last year. Who knew it would be back?

5. House party in Brookhaven, PA – A different house, the eve of a new millenium, but the same friends. One of my BFFs was home on a break from the Peace Corps. Not only was I so excited to see my friend, but she was finally able to meet the guy I was dating, and writing to her about while she was in Nepal. The guy dumped me in the morning (no joke), but it was still a great celebration looking back. The bright side of the boyfriend dumping me, I was free to meet my now husband, a few months later.

This year we are lucky to have my in-laws visiting. DH and I plan to take advantage of having someone to watch the kids so we can go out.

Not sure what we are doing yet, but I can pretty much guarantee it won’t involve partying among large crowds, but that’s ok. I’ll be with the one I love, and be home in time to ring in the New Year with my favorite littles.

And I could not be happier with the choice.

How do you plan to ring in the New Year?


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