Parent to Parent Review – Graco’s Trekko Stroller

In the past I’ve talked about great places to stroll here and here. Many of the places I’ve been feature the luxury of wide, paved walkways, but let’s face it, not all places we take our children are paved. Enter Graco’s new all-terrain stroller – Trekko!

I’ve mentioned before that my husband is now staying at home with Jed. He spends a better part of each day out and about with Jed. One of his favorite things to do is explore the numerous walking trails our area has to offer. Jed is almost three, and even though he loves to walk by Daddy’s side, his little legs tire about halfway through the trail. The Trekko was the prefect product for my husband to review.

First, the visual. Pushing the trendy looking stroller definitely ups his Dad cred on the trail. Trekko has a single, swivel front-wheel, and larger wheels in the back than our usual stroller. It also features never flat rubber tires providing reassurance DH won’t be carrying Jed and the stroller back to the car.

The improved maneuverability provided by the three-wheeled design came in super handy this weekend on our adventure to the apple orchard. Pushing the Trekko through the mixed terrain of rocks and grass proved as easy as apple pie. DH appreciates the height-adjustable handle. He’s taller than I am, so he likes being able to position the handle where it suits his stature. Of course, when we switch and I take over pushing, I move the handle to where it’s comfy for me.

After a hay ride, the animal area, and running in circles around the apple trees picking apples, Jed was back in the stroller and fell asleep easily. The reclining seat lies flat for extra comfort, and the 180 degree rotating canopy provided a nice amount of shade to keep Jed cool in the afternoon sun. Baby was even able to reach into the extra-large, drop down storage basket for a snack of a second apple without waking him. The basket not only fit our diaper bag/backpack and mini soft-side cooler, but also 2 bags of apples. That made me happy since I really didn’t want to carry the apples.

Once back at the car, we unloaded our precious cargo, and used the stroller’s one-hand fold and automatic storage latch to easily place it into the back of the car. Plus, just in case you have a smaller car, the Trekko has quick-release wheels with storage bag that allows for a more compact fold if you need it. I am very thankful the Trekko also holds a child up to 50 lbs. I know we will be using this stroller for more local adventures in the future.

Interested in getting a Trekko for your very own?
Find it in store here and here. Want to know more? Check out the demo.


Disclosure – This post is an original by me and previously posted for the Graco Heart to Heart Blog over here.
I work for Graco Children’s Products in Supply Chain and was provided the stroller free of charge for my honest review to share on the Heart to Heart Blog.
The fact that I love my job and my company is a total bonus.


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