Yes, Virginia, There is a Shoe Fairy

Her name is Stacie and she is AWESOME!

The Divine Miss Mommy was awarded a fabulous opportunity from Naturalizer shoes.  She would get to gift adorable, comfy flats randomly to women attending the BlogHer conference in San Diego last week. 

How cute are these shoes?
If you think they are as cute as I do, you can find them here. 🙂

I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to actually be chosen as one of the winners! 

It was so exciting receiving the tweet from @StacieinAtlanta letting me know I was picked for a shoe rescue.

Here is a pic of the initial rescue. Photo compliments of Stacie!

There was plenty of walking between the hotel and the convention center.  I was so happy the flat were extremely comfortable and offered great support for my already tired feet.  After a few more trips back and forth for conference sessions and lunch I gave my new shoes a little rest.

After more walking, my feet were still going strong, but my legs were tired!  I figured I would reward my new faithful supporters with a little relaxation and a rest hanging out over the pool.  What a view!  The weather in San Diego was amazing so my new shoes and I had to take advantage of being outside and not dripping in sweat.  Breezy and 75.  Yes, please.  Definitely a welcome change from the mid 90’s and high humidity of Atlanta.

This was just one of the fun experiences I had at BlogHer. Where else can you enter a contest, fly to San Diego, meet up with 3,600 other conference attendees, and win shoes? 

What was the most exciting thing you ever won and where were you? 


Disclosure – I was awarded the comfy flats, free of charge, by entering a contest via The Divine Miss Mommy. I was not paid or otherwise compensated by Stacie or Naturalizer in any way, other than receiving the shoes. All opinions on the Shoe Fairy gift are entirely mine.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stacie @ The Divine Miss Mommy
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 14:14:11

    Awesome!! I love the shoes overlooking the pool.


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