Rockin’ Summer Camp

One of the nice things about Baby attending a private school and day care combination is the availability of summer care. Her schedule is maintained similar to the school year, but rather than going to school five days a week she only attends three.

Since there is no academic instruction they school does a great job filling the summer break days with fun field trips and theme day Fridays.

This past Friday was CRAZY HAIR DAY!  One of Baby’s favorites.

Baby was under the impression that crazy hair day meant, you don’t have to actually comb your hair. However, I was quick to dispell that myth.

What we did do after combing her hair was go a little wild with pony tails.

It’s pretty awesome we have sister company Goody right upstairs, so I am never at a loss for hair elastics or headbands. Let’s just say I am a frequent visitor of their dump bins.

It’s hard to believe that summer camp is almost over. Baby heads back to school in less than 2 short weeks. We were sure to shop early for the unending list of school supplies that her new school required, but we are still mssing the coveted first day of school outfit. That is still on the TO DO list and we will be squeezing in a shopping trip soon.

Is your household ready for the new school year?
What’s left on your To Do list for the kids return?


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