Have ya’ll heard about Klout?

Klout is the standard for influence. The founders of Klout believe that every person who creates content has influence. Their mission is to help every individual understand and leverage their influence.

I create content mainly here on my blog, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter, so by the above definition…I have influence.

You can stop laughing now, Dad.

Now, let me be perfectly clear.  I am in no way tooting my own horn and claiming to be huge in the blogoshpere or a social media expert.  I have a long way to go for that, I know.  But I have recently received a few fun Klout Perks based on my score and estimated influence and I thought I would share just because they are pretty fun.

Klout Perk campaigns that I have been awarded so far:

  • $50 promo code with Plum District, a new daily deals site geared towards women.  With this campaign I was also given  a $25 credit to pass along to my twitter followers.
  •  A special premiere screening of Dreamworks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 2
  • A DVD of the Franklin and Bash new series on TNT and a smart portfolio with tablet.
  • A $10 gift card for Subway restaurant promoting their new addition of avacado to their menu
  • A special premier screening of Disney’s new Winnie The Pooh movie

To be honest, I am shocked every time I see a tweet directed my way from Klout Perks notifying of a new reward, and I can’t help but giggle a little.  It’s pretty cool and proves you don’t have to have a million followers on twitter or a ton of subscribers for your blog to be recognized as having social influence with your peers.  You should check it out and see what your influence is.  It may just surprise you.

If you are interested in learning more about Klout go here or their Perks program go here, for a great interview with their Marketing Manager, Megan Berry.


I have received the above perks for free via Klout.
It was made very clear before accepting, that I was under no obligation to tweet, blog or talk about the rewards.


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