Gwinnett Braves Baseball – Big Day for Big Boy

Even though we have been in Atlanta going on two years, I have never gone to a Braves game (sadly, this includes both the Atlanta Braves and the Gwinnett Braves). Jed is only 2. We figured no way would he be able to attend and still have us enjoy the game.

A few weeks ago when my parents were visiting from Florida, DH and I had the freedom to go to a game together. It was a great afternoon of sitting in the shade, sipping beer, eating peanuts and relaxing.

While there, I had a thought.

If we sat four across in the back row of the stadium we could attend a game as a family, contain Jed and minimize disturbance to others.
Sounds doable, right?

A few weeks ago, we put the plan to the test! We went to see the Gwinnett Braves as a family of four.

Jed did AWESOME!

We started out walking around the stadium and checked out the kids play area.

Unfortunately, Jed was not tall enough to go in any of the bounce houses.
Note to the Coolray Field staff…your revenue would more than likely increase if you designate one of the bounce houses for toddlers when it’s not too crowded.
Just a suggestion.

There were many treats.

Jed loved all the excitement of the game and fun action in between innings.

Around the top of the 8th inning, Jed was finally losing steam and decided to sit with me. His eyes were closed shortly after.

It was a great day. 🙂

At what age did you take your child to their first live sporting event?
Did everyone have a good time?

I’m also throwing this out there for my Mommy and Me Monday post since I am actually in the picture with the kids thanks to a nice stadium employee that offered to take our celebratory family photo. Yay!!!


Have you succeeded and gotten yourself out from behind the camera lately? Share and link up with Mommy and Me Monday over with Serious Krystyn.

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