Toddler Milestone – Big Boy Bed

I’m not what you call an impulsive person. I like to plan pretty much everything. For instance, spontaneous picnics don’t just happen in our house. I stock my pantry with items that are easy to grab and go so it’s an option. So when DH and I were cruising around Target after our date night movie grabbing a few extras for Easter dinner, imagine my surprise when we passed this on the end of the row.

A toddler bed.

DH and I looked at each other.
Should we get it we both asked?

Jed happens to be really into Cars lately, so it made sense. We could leverage his current obsession with the movie and it’s characters to our benefit and possibly get him transitioned to the toddler bed easily.

We bought the bed.

And we bought the Cars Toddler Sheets as an extra bribe bonus. As a side note, why the heck are kids sheets made like sand paper? I’m already paying for the character license, can’t we get a little improved thread count? It would sure be nice.

DH and his helper set to work on putting the bed together.

Jed couldn’t wait to test out the new bed. He didn’t seem to care the mattress wasn’t even on it yet.

The work crew proudly showing the fruit of their hard labor, and Baby excitedly showing the new sheets.

As I am sitting here typing DH is up putting my big boy to bed. I’m curious to know if the excitement is still there to climb in and actually go to sleep in the new bed now that it’s not a toy in the foyer.

Only time will tell.

I just know I am not going up there until later.
Much later. 🙂

When did you move your little one to a toddler bed?
Was the transition easy?


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