Pizza, Pizza and More Pizza

Our family loves pizza. We usually never order less than 2 large pies to ensure there are at least a few slices for leftovers. Even my sweet little 2yo will chow down his fare share when diced in small pieces.

So when making plans to get together with some friends this past weekend, where do you think we decided to go?

Why a Man vs Food pizza joint of course – Big Pie in the Sky

Now sadly, we did not order or attempt the Carnivore Challenge, even though the thought of being “pizza drunk” gets me a little giddy. If you have never heard of the Carnivore Challenge, definitely go check out the video clip here.

What we did order though…was the XL 30″ pizza!


And YES, that is my DH’s thigh (above) standing behind the pizza in the white shorts.

All aboard the crazy train to pizzaville!

DH originally hesitated ordering the 30″ monstrosity saying he thought we would end up having pizza leftovers for a week. I chuckled and reminded him of how much pizza our family of four can actually eat, especially when the kids had minimal breakfast, and we had none.

There are many options for cutting a pizza this large. You can do 8 or 16 slices or opt to have it cut into squares for easier handling. The pizza in the picture above is cut into 16 slices.

DH opted for our pizza to be cut into 8 slices.


8 slices?

We have kids planning to eat these slices.

Here is what a slice on the pizza looks like served on the pizza pans the restaurant uses as PLATES! The slice is bigger than his head, let alone the heads of my children!

We had a great time taking pictures, visiting with friends and eating the delicious NY style pizza. I am already looking forward to our next visit!

And for the record…we only took home 2 of the 8 slices!
Do I know my family or what? šŸ™‚

Does your family love pizza?

Do you prefer making your own, take out or dining in at your favorite local pizzeria?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lilpyrogirl
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 18:42:44

    I can’t believe I wasn’t invited on this pizza outing. I love being pizza drunk.


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