Georgia Aquarium’s AT&T Dolphin Tales

There’s something new at the Georgia Aquarium.
On Saturday, April 2nd the AT&T Dolphin Tales gallery and live show opened.

“The new gallery and show is an important addition and expansion of Georgia Aquarium’s focus on the care of marine mammals,” said David Kimmel, president and chief operating officer for Georgia Aquarium. “This commitment began with the opening of the Aquarium in 2005 when the beluga and sea otter exhibits were first featured. AT&T Dolphin Tales represents nothing less than the next level of engaging the public to care about these animals.”

Baby and I were lucky enough to receive an invitation for a special blogger preview of the long-awaited show. As members of the Georgia Aquarium, we visit often as a family, so I was very excited for the opportunity to check out its latest addition. The 84,000-square-foot AT&T Dolphin Tales exhibit was amazing!

As we ascended the escalators we got more excited.

We followed the crowd to the exhibit area and entered the gallery area and saw dolphins!


A huge curved 25 ft window allowed us to view the stars of the upcoming show. I was in awe of their movement. Baby giggled with delight as I excitedly squeeled pointed to each dolphin as they turned to swim towards the glass. I guess now is as good a time as any to wave my obsessedwithdolphins card.

We entered the stadium and I steered Baby up the stairs. Even though there were plenty of available seats in the front, I personally had no desire to sit in the “splash zone”. The stadium holds 1800+ and the dolphin’s tank holds 1.8 million gallons of water. It’s absolutely huge! I can’t imagine there being a bad seat in the house either due to the curved style and stadium typed seating.

The spectacular 25-minute show, created specifically for Georgia Aquarium, is narrated by the show’s lead character, the StarSpinner, a mysterious adventurer and storyteller who leads the audience through an interactive journey across the oceans and through the ages. Throughout a mythical journey of good versus evil, aided by the guidance of the dolphin cast and engaging audience interactions, guests will be on the edge of their seats one moment, and soothed by an aquatic ballet the next.

Emmy award-winning producers and directors developed the production in concert with a world-class team of talented individuals, assembled from the worlds of television, film and Broadway. An original musical score was written and composed by renowned composer Tim Williams, and recorded by a 61-piece orchestra at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles as a tribute to the beauty and whimsy of the dolphins.

An additional ticket is required to see the actual show. Calling ahead would be best, because I am sure the shows will be selling out for a while to come. However, if you do happen to be at the aquarium and can’t get your hands on a ticket to the show, don’t panic. All visitors are able to see the dolphins in the gallery lobby located outside the theater. The 25 ft viewing window allows everyone to see the elegance and grace the dolphins radiate as they swim and interact with viewers through the window. It’s not the sitting on the edge of your seat excitement that the show has, but it is absolutely breathtaking.

You can click here for more info and to purchase tickets or check them out here on Facebook.

Baby and I had a great time at the show, but don’t worry if you can’t get to the aquarium right away to see the dolphins. You can see them on the AT&T Dolphin Tales Mobile Tour! Click here for dates and locations! You just might run into Baby and I getting another fix of the fabulous dolphins too!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kate
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 09:09:48

    Karen – I had seen commercials for this, but after reading your post I feel like they don’t even do it justice! I had no idea so much went into the show – and you’d better believe that (after the craziness of my next 3 weeks is over) I’m going to take Charlotte and head over – it sounds AMAZING.

    Gorgeous photos – glad you guys had a fun time!


    • KP
      Apr 04, 2011 @ 09:22:58

      The show is definitely a must see! Thank you for the compliment, but the photos are not mine. I wish I could take photos like that! They photos are from @georgiaaquarium and given to me in the press kit.

      There is no photography allowed in the theater during the show for he safety of the performers and animals.


  2. Emily
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 23:26:37

    I love dolphins too, I hope I will get a chance to go see them soon! Have you ever gone swimming with them? I did in Freeport and it was amazing!



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