Movie Review – “Hop”

A few weeks ago one of my online/real life friends (the awesome @Mami2Mommy), invited me to join a facebook group for social media moms. Since I am so new to the personal blog world, I felt it would be a great resource for asking questions and tapping into the brains of other more experienced bloggers. I have found the group to be not only welcoming, but fabulously supportive of each other in regards to their blogs and other social media efforts. It’s also really great when another member shares an offer they received with the group.

How excited do you think I was to see a chance to see an advanced screening of the new movie HOP!

The movie boasts candy, chicks and rock ‘n roll and it did not disappoint in any of the categories.

The movie starts out with a young E.B. (Easter Bunny/Russell Brand) seeing his future planned out for him replacing his father as the Easter Bunny. E.B. wasn’t exactly thrilled with the future planned by his father, especially since his dream was music, not delivering easter baskets. The normal parent/child clash ensues, and E.B. runs away to Hollywood in hopes of realizing his dream of becoming a rock star. At the same time in Hollywood, another parent/child disagreement is also coming to a head. Fred (James Marsden) has been unemployed for over a year and living in his paretns home. Fred’s father feels he is being too selective trying to find a job. He wants him to move on with his life, even if it’s in a job that is not his dream.

E.B. and Fred “connect” when Fred hits E.B. with his car. Now this sounds more traumatic that it really was, and E.B. cons Fred to take him in while he “heals”. Hilarity soon follows with the antics E.B. pulls as Fred is trying to finally act responsible and be on time for a job interview. In the midst of Fred’s interview, E.B. finds himself the target of a bunny search expedition from his father’s royal guard, The Pink Berets. Trying to escape to Pink Berets, E.B. discovers what could be his ticket to rock ‘n roll fame, but he needs Fred to help him get there. In the end, both Fred and E.B. find a way to not only make their lives complete, but their fathers proud of them too.

I highly recommend this movie for a family outing, especially with Easter right around the corner. There were the usual laugh out loud scenes for the kids (ie: E.B. pooping jelly beans), but it had just as many amusing adult references that and adult will enjoy.

Don’t you just love Baby’s cute ears they handed out at the premier?
And of course we were sure to get an extra set to take home to Jed.

There were even other Georgia Social Media Moms at the event! I had the pleasure of meeting @JaMonkey (see her review post here) and chatting it up with the wonderful @MundaneMagic again (2 weekends in a row!). 

Seeing the movie at all would not have been possible if it wasn’t for @MommyReporter and sharing her opportunity from Social Moms.

Big THANK YOU to you both!
It was a great Mommy/Daughter day!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa @ Full Circle
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 15:29:47

    GREAT REVIEW!! Will put that on the list for Little Buddy and me!

    Look at you… bloggin’ social media maven!!


  2. Elizabeth McCoy
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 20:21:48

    It was a really cute movie.


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