Work / Life Balance

So sorry it’s been a while, friends-o-mine.

Mantaining a healthy work/life balance is sometimes a very slippery slope. For the past two weeks I have been sliding noticeably downward. Working late and a bit of traveling has taken a toll on DH, the kids and of course my shiny new blog .

In the midst of chaos, sometimes you face a moment that defines you.

Not that I had that happen or anything.

I just walked in late one evening to this.

How could I not just burst out laughing?

I have no idea why Jed’s pants were down, nor do I remember what he was watching on TV. It doesn’t really matter.

I just know that he gave me what I needed most that evening.

Laughter and a precious memory to last a lifetime.

I have no idea what inspires children on what to say or do to lift our mood when we need it most, but it is truly a gift.

Do you have a moment in time where you received a much needed lift from your child? I’d love to hear about it. 🙂


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