Big Boy Haircut

Back in November we traveled to Florida to see family for the Thanksgiving holiday. When we were there, my sister (a hairdresser) gave Jed his first real haircut. She pretty much just trimmed it up around his bangs and the back. My children are not prone to a large amount of hair before they turn 3. Neither was their mommy. 🙂


This past weekend, while Mommy was working, Daddy took Jed for his second haircut. I made the appointment at a local children’s salon called Halfpint Haircuts. The salon is geared to keeping the kids occupied while the stylists cut their hair. Each station is set up with a small tv showing kids movies/shows. Boy did Jed luck out when he arrived. Thomas the Train was on! He loves Thomas! My family room floor shows the proof since that is where all his toy trains are most of the time.

Here is my adorable little man in the sylist’s chair.

Jed did AWESOME! He didn’t try to escape squirm once. Being as active as he is, this was a complete shock!

He was so proud of his haircut when he came home, he sat down on the floor for me to take this picture.

My only question is…where did my baby go?


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