Relocation is Hard

When my husband and I made the decision to relocate with my job a year and half ago, we knew it would be a big change. I had not lived anywhere other than PA since I was less than two years old. We thought it would be an adventure, and we understood what we were giving up willingly for the opportunity.

One of the biggest negatives of moving was leaving my girfriends in PA.

Now I know I have written that distance doesn’t change strong friendships, and that’s still true. But it doesn’t make me miss them every day any less. There are days I wish I could pick up the phone and have one of them meet me at the mall to go shopping. We girls know that a second opinion, when you are buying that pair of jeans or trying to find the perfect outfit for the office Christmas party, is very reassuring to our sometime fragile self image.

I miss our selfish girls nights when a bunch of us would meet at a restaurant (sans husbands and kids of course) and laugh for hours. Even if it was a weeknight, being a little bleary eyed the following morning was a small price to pay for such a fabulous few hours.

These are just a few of the girlfriends I miss.

There are more.

I miss them all.

All the time.


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