How did I get here?

“I think back to about a year ago when I was reading posts on the Graco blog. I knew nothing about the blogosphere, I just thought the stories were fun and the pictures of the children were way too cute not to check out. Each of the bloggers were original and inspiring in their own ways, and I found myself wishing I could be one. Some time later, I received an email from a blog team member (Erin Gilbert) sent to the whole office. The blog team was holding a contest for open submissions to write guest posts that would be featured on the blog, and there was even a chance for people to become a full blog contributors. Thoughts raced through my head. This is it! I could do that! I could write for the blog! I have cute mom stories! Easy peasy!

Then total reality set in. What would I actually write about? Would the team find my stories interesting, or would anyone for that matter? Easy peasy, my eye! Who was I kidding? I’m no writer. Have you seen how many exclamation points I use? After a few hours minutes of wobbling on the fence, I decided I had nothing to lose. I wrote up an entry, rewriting various segments no less than 10 times of course, submitted it, and crossed my fingers. I really wanted to be a blogger. But the question remained. Would they like me my writing?

I heard back from Erin later that afternoon. They did like my post and it went up on the blog a short time later. I still have the email sent by Lindsay saying “It’s official – you’ve been published!” (Yeah, I’m a geek like that. I save stuff…not like the show hoarders or anything, just stuff that means a lot to me…and that email meant the world.) I was a blogger. I was never so proud.”

This excerpt is from a post previously written for the Graco Blog in October, 2009.

And now I have finally started my own.


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